Summer at the Jetty Book Cover

Summer at the Jetty Book Cover

This book cover is waiting for its story to be told. We will change the book title and the author name to your instruction and once you have bought it, you will have exclusive rights to use it and there will be no exact replicas resold by us. A truly unique book cover with off-the-shelf simplicity.

  • Off the Shelf book cover design

    This off the shelf cover is available to any author who wants simplicity. Just add your author name and book title to the options. We will add the details and send you a final proof copy. Once you are happy with the cover, we will send the completed digital copy for you to upload to your book sales page. The same copy will no longer be available to any other buyer so you will truly have a unique book cover design. There are no changes to the image available.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Once the purchase has been made and we have designated the book cover to your order, you will be able to make changes to the title and author name only. There are no changes to the image available. At this point, we will remove the cover from sale to other buyers and so there will be no refund given. You will get the chance to proof read the cover for any misspellings of book or author name before the final copy is released to you.

  • Contact Info

    Please ensure you have input your email address correctly as we can not be held responsible for any communications missed due to you giving incorrect contact information.

  • Paperback information required

    In order to deliver a Paperback copy for proof, we will need some information to get the spine size right and to include the blurb on the back cover. We will email a pre set form for you to complete and return to us with all of the information required.