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Beta Reads

A Beta read is a final check over before publication. Have your copy looked over by a fresh pair of eyes to check for mistakes such as spelling, grammar and story inconsistencies.
We would expect the copy to have already been edited because a Beta read is a final check over rather than a copy edit.
We are currently only taking Beta read orders for the Young Adult genre only. If your book falls into a different category, please still get in touch and we will try to go through some options for you.
We have a 6 week timeframe for our Beta reads. Your text will be sent to us as a word document and any changes found will be highlighted in the document returned.
As each Beta read is different because each story is different, there is no set price for our Beta read services.
Our charges start at £200 for a Beta read. Use the button below and get in touch so that we can tailor the cost to suit your individual publication and give a more accurate quotation.

Final Copy

We are currently not taking any requests for final copy proof editing. Check back at a later date for this service.

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